Half-man Half-dog breed is freaky


When I first saw this ‘dog’ it gave me the heeby-jeeby’s!

But I could tell it was fake… Or is it?  You be the judge.  Please leave comments below telling me if you think this is a REAL dog breed, or if it is a photoshop fake.

Also, if this were my dog, I would name it “Weirdo”.  What would YOU name it?



  1. garrett goldsmith Said:

    There is no chance that that is real but if it is i would name it Golum or Hobbit or possibly even Frodo Baggins like in lord of the rings.

    • blah blah read my comment Said:

      i think thst the dog is a fake. The person probally got on one of the professional photo editing programs and made the dog to trick people. If that was my dog i would name it gone… because that is where it would be!

  2. susie Said:

    This dog is probably real. i would name it burnt brownie.

    • dogsarethecoolest Said:

      Hi Susie, thanks for your comment about “Brownie” 🙂

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