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Fat Dogs

I wonder what these dogs eat that makes them so fat?

How much do they eat a day?

Why do their owners feed them so much? My dad taught me that when dogs are this fat, it is bad for their heart, their bones & joints and they can not be as active.

What do you think about fat dogs?


This dog doesn’t really need to lose weight but I thought it was funny how he is holding his bowl… asking for food.



This chocolate lab seems to eat A LOT of chocolate!



Wow. This dog needs TWO seats. I’m sure this dog weighs more than I do.



This is the fattest Rottweiler I have ever seen. Didn’t know they could get this fat.


 fat dog-on-sand

Fat dog hanging out on the beach.



A very fat poodle lab mix. Seems like this picture was taken a long time ago.



The fattest lab ever. Poor doggy. Looks sad.



This one is funny, checking his pounds on a scale. Normally only humans do this but this dog is watching his weight. 🙂



Boxer is a great name for this dog because most heavy-weight boxers are also kind of fat.



This dog looks surprised… “How did I get so fat!?”



This tubby dog is cute and looks happy but looks like it needs to lose about 50% of it’s weight.



This bulldog looks sort of mean… it could use about 50% of it’s weight!



This Dalmatian looks kind of fake because the head doesn’t fit well with the body.  But if it is real it needs to lose a ton of weight.



This Dalmatian seems really, really heavy… and if I was going to lift this chubby pooch, it would need to lose about 50% of it’s weight.



It’s cool that this person took a before and after picture to show how different a dog can look when it gets so fat. I like the before dog better.



This dog is cute but it needs to lose some weight!



This pooch should be really lucky to go into a restaurant.



This doggy is fatter than me so it should lose a lot of weight.



I like how this picture shows the same type of dog except one is fat and one is skinny next to each other.  It’s sort of funny.



This is really fat for a puppy.  Usually fat dogs are adult dogs.



This sure is a fat weeny doggy.



This wiener dog is really fat.  He looks sort of freaked out and tired.



This one is super-duper fat and needs to lose a bunch of weight.



This beagle mix is very fat. I didn’t think beagles could get this fat.



Here’s a pooch working on GETTING fat.


Tell me what you think about fatso dogs below with your comments…