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Obama’s Dog Bo

Obama’s dog Bo looked so cute when he was six weeks old.

Baby Bo

Bo came from some breeders in Boyd, TX.  Here is a photo of Bo’s mom and his breeders.

Bos Mom and Breeders

Bo is a Portuguese Water Dog.  They were bred in Portugal to help fisherman keep fish in the net, to retrieve dropped fishing equipment and  they were couriers from ship to ship.  They are known to be intelligent and loyal companions.

Bo 6 months

Bo arriving at the White House to be with his family.  I like how he’s wearing a garland of flowers.

Bo and Obamas

I think they picked a good day to walk their dog.  Bo is six months old, has a lot of energy and will like lots of walks!

Bo and Malia

Bo is part of a type of dog that doesn’t have an undercoat and so he doesn’t shed (as much).  Hopefully this will help Malia’s allergies!

Bo and The Pres

I wonder if Bo is freaked out about his new home?